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Research, Test & Demonstration in Wind Energy

Research, test and demonstration are important factors in minimising the costs and maximising the utilisation of wind power

Minimising costs and maximising utilisation
Wind power is an established technology but as with any technology there is a constant need to develop more efficient and reliable units in order to lower the cost of energy. Furthermore, there is a need to minimise costs of establishing and servicing wind farms just as it is important to maximise the utilisation of wind sites and ensure an efficient grid connection.
Collaboration between industry and academia is key
Research is the basis for test and demonstration and Denmark is home to an extensive collaboration between the public universities and the private sector companies. Research is ongoing in the areas of wind resources, structural design and reliability and aero and hydro dynamics to name a few.

A long history of test and demonstration in Denmark
Denmark already has a number of test centres around the country where companies test large wind turbines or different components such as nacelles or blades. The Danish government has as well opened a tender process for 50 MW near-shore turbines for test and demonstration of projects with an aim of future costs of offshore wind turbines.


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