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Mechanical Components

Ensuring quality and precision for the many integrated components inside the wind turbine

Wind turbines – complicated giants
From the outside, a wind turbine looks gigantic, yet simple. However, when taking a look inside, its complexity prevails. To ensure top quality and a long lifespan of the turbine, precision and quality in each component is essential.

Fluctuating mechanical power sets the bar high
Countless mechanical components are necessary for a turbine to be able to generate electricity; Gearboxes, hydraulics, bonding & sealants, oil systems & lubrication as well as fans & cooling solutions and heat exchangers to name a few. What differentiates wind energy from other energy sources is that the parts need to be able to handle a fluctuating mechanical power. 

Constant innovation requires close collaboration
Based on decades of experience Danish companies have developed mechanical components with the quality and precision needed for modern wind turbines in close collaboration with the public research institutes.


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