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Electrical Components

Ensuring stability and safety when the blades are turning

Electronic controls ensure stability and safety
A wind turbine consists of many interlinked components and systems. The conditions of a turbine can be monitored from a control room or even a private computer to ensure safety and optimal utilisation of the forces of wind.

Reliability through long-distance supervision
Supervisory contact and data acquisition, SCADA, is a computer system for gathering and analysing real time data, for an instance from a wind farm. A wind turbine is full of sensors and controllers that can monitor everything from wind speed and direction to oil temperature in the gearbox and the hydraulic pressure.

Fix it if it’s almost broken
Improved control strategies are part of the increased productivity in wind energy over the past years. In many cases, the electronic control systems are so advanced that it is possible to detect a breakdown before it happens. This ensures planned repairs, which are cheaper as they can be scheduled with regular maintenance. Denmark has a large number of specialised companies with years of experience within the area of electrical components for wind turbines.


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