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Blade & Nacelle Technology

Blade design is essential for the efficiency of the wind turbine. As a global wind power hub, Denmark is home to some of the world’s best researchers within blade technology.

Nacelle: The nexus of the turbine
The nacelle – the head of the turbine – contains all main components of a wind turbine: the gearbox, to the generator and the transformer as well as some of the electronic control systems. Typically, a turbine has three blades mounted at the rotor and not surprisingly, blade design is essential for the level of efficiency.

Blade design: an ever-developing technology
Blade technology is focused on how to design the blade in the most efficient manner. The shape and weight of the blade is important just as it is necessary to do research on how to increase the strength without increasing the weight. As the size of turbines continues to increase, so do the requirements to the blades and the materials they are made of.

Acknowledging the next step for decommissioned turbines
As a pioneer in the wind energy sector, Denmark has also been the first country to experience the waste challenges of old decommissioned turbines. Acknowledging the issue, Danish researcher and producers are continually improving the materials used just as the industry aims for more recycling of the materials in question.


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