Non-revenue water

Tailoring a holistic NRW strategy that fits local circumstances to reduce urban water loss

According to the UN, global water consumption will increase with up to 30 percent by 2020. In order to meet the future demand, there needs to be a strong focus on efficient water distribution. Non-Revenue Water (NRW) or urban water loss is a major global challenge as 25-50 percent of all distributed water globally is lost or never invoiced due to illegal connections, inaccurate billing systems, inaccurate metering, physical leakages, deteriorating infrastructure, wrong water pressure management etc. Danish water utilities have managed to achieve a national NRW average of just 8 percent. Each utility has developed its own strategy tailored to local circumstances, which typically includes a holistic NRW master plan, ongoing monitoring and pressure management and using high quality components such as water meters, valves, pumps and pipes.

We invite you to explore solutions related to non-revenue water in more depth below, find potential partners, catch up on the latest related news and discover real-life case examples of how non-revenue-water solutions can help solve your environmental issues.

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