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Urban Water

Water is increasingly considered an asset with enormous potential to enhance daily life for people living in cities.

Growing need for investment in blue infrastructure
Cities are growing and many face increasing pressures of rising sea levels and extreme weather events, bringing with them the risk of flooding and/or periods of drought. Solving these challenges requires investments in the city’s blue infrastructure but it also presents an opportunity to rethink urban development and gain greater value from those investments.

Synergies from an integrated approach
An integrated approach to urban water management combines a broad range of environmental, economic and social strategies. Although initially more complex, it is ultimately more cost-efficient from an overall societal perspective. When investments in blue infrastructure are integrated early in the urban planning process, synergies can be achieved and costs reduced.

Rethinking urban water for new value in Danish cities
Just a decade ago, most cities in Denmark saw water as something to hide and remove in sewers. Today, water is considered an asset with enormous potential to enhance daily life of people living in the city as waterfronts, docklands, canals and lakes create exclusive areas which attract both resourceful people and businesses.


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