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Other Water related Products & Services

Water related products and services as well as knowledge and guidance are crucial in terms of meeting the global demand for water resources.

Water resources under presure
Limited water resources and access to clean water is on the global agenda. Increasing population, urbanization, pollution and inappropriate water use create great pressure on the world’s water resources. Products and services solving these water challenges are in demand.

Meeting the demand for water
Denmark is home to a number of leading suppliers and technologies related to water, including pumps, modelling tools, water purification, wastewater treatment, and valves. In addition, many Danish companies specialise in providing advice and know-how on optimisation of integrated system solutions.

Solving major water challenges
The Danish water sector has developed well-established expertise within a broad spectrum of water related areas and is willing to take responsibility and contribute to solving the world’s major water challenges. More than 200 Danish companies offer a spectrum of expertise within water related solutions and technologies.



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