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Urban mobility

Better urban transport significantly reduces emissions and contributes to increased urban sustainability through better commuting solutions and alternative modes of transport.

More people move to the urban areas

Cities are home to over 70 % of the EU population. Most journeys begin and end in cities. Almost 23 % of the emission from transport comes from urban transport. This included both transportation of goods and persons. Urbanization and increase in commuting will challenge the transport system and as a consequence increase congestion and emissions.

Making urban transport green

The emissions of urban transport can be reduced with more environmental friendly vehicles, better use of public transport and alternative modes of transport such as bicycling and walking. Urban freight transport makes up a relatively small share of urban traffic but improving the efficiency of the 'first and last mile' of deliveries is of particular important for economic growth and the reduction of emissions.

Denmark makes room for bicycles 

Denmark is a bike nation. Without bicycles the congestion would increase and the mobility of the transport system would be reduced. Public investments ensure better conditions for bicycle transport, e.g. super bicycles lanes. Every day 1.2 million trips are made on  bicycles in  greater Copenhagen. The four largest cities in Denmark have introduced Environmental Zones, where only the less polluting busses and trucks are allowed to enter the zones. This has lead to a massive reduction in up to 60 % of the particle emissions from busses and trucks.


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