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Wave Power

Wave energy is a predictable energy source holding enormous potential.

The predictable green energy source for the energy mix
The use of water to create electricity comprises a number of technologies, primarily wave power. In all cases, wave power is more predictable than wind, as waves normally continue for 6 to 8 hours after the wind drops, which enables wave power to smooth out some of the volatility of wind-generated power. The long-term potential of wave power is estimated to be 10-15% of global electricity consumption.

A silent, environmental and intelligent source of energy
Wave power captures energy generated from the waves by using the rise and fall of waves to activate pumps and generators. Wave power installations are not only less visible and less noisy, they also positively influence the living conditions of fish by providing sheltered areas. Hence, as the technology matures further and costs are brought down, wave power can be one of the intelligent energy sources of the future.
Ideal Danish conditions spearhead wave power development
Conditions for wave energy are ideal in Denmark, and Danish research institutions and companies have over the last decades been among the international spearheads in the development of technologies. Some of the world’s best documented wave energy concepts are Danish and in Hanstholm on the North Sea Coast, the Danish Wave Energy Centre exploits the ideal weather conditions to test pre-commercial wave energy facilities.


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