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Solar Thermal Energy

Solar heating a cost-effective renewable energy technology.

A cost-effective solution for the green transition
Heating water with energy from the sun is an entirely renewable, reliable and cost-efficient energy source. A typical residential solar water-heating system reduces the need for conventional water heating by two thirds; making such installations an attractive option for both homes and businesses – and one of the most cost-effective ways of introducing renewable energy.

Giant season storage
The advantages of solar thermal solutions can be mirrored through a significant rise in Danish production - up by 107% from 2012 to 2014. Giant season storage systems are built, for instance a 60,000 m3 hole in the ground at Dronninglund in Northern Jutland, which is filled with heated water and stores energy from hot summers to cold winter months.

An integrated part of Danish district heating
Since the 1970’s Danish companies have worked on developing solar water-heating systems in large-scale applications and smaller systems for the home. Solar heating is an integrated part of Danish district heating and will only grow in importance. In 2013 there were 40 big solar heating plants in Denmark and production corresponds to an annual consumption of 7,500 households. 



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