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The ever-lasting energy source – power from the sun.

One of the most scalable and mature renewable energy sources
It has been a dream for generations. But now the energy from the sun has become a major contributor to power generation. New inventions have led to a breakthrough for photovoltaic cells – or simply solar cells - a technology, acknowledged as the cleanest and safest of all.

A fairly simple solution with strong environmental benefits
The principle behind photovoltaics is fairly simple. Sunlight is converted into electricity by photovoltaic cells; semiconductor devices which contain no liquids, corrosive chemicals or moving parts. A solar cell solution has numerous environmental benefits: it does not pollute, it is silent, solar cells require little maintenance and as a domestic source of electricity it makes energy security totally independent of foreign suppliers.

A Danish tradition of solar cell efficiency and aesthetics
Denmark continues to contribute with original solutions such as solar inverters and Danish solar companies build upon a tradition of producing efficient and aesthetic solar solutions, integrated in panels and surfaces. In Denmark alone, thousands of private households, industries and office buildings have integrated solar cells to produce their own electricity.


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