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Solar & Other Renewables

Denmark’s renewable energy supply is predominantly based on biomass, wind and biogas. However, renewable sources such as geothermal energy and solar energy are becoming increasingly important, while demonstration projects, as well as research and tests with wave energy and other types of renewable energy are taking place.

Harnessing the energy of sun
Danish photovoltaic technology and solar thermal energy systems offer reliable and cost-efficient methods of generating electricity and heat respectively. Today, these systems are applied with success in commercial as well as residential buildings.

On a larger scale, solar thermal energy is being used for district heating. Denmark already uses solar thermal energy for district heating with several big plants established. An example of this is the world’s largest district heating plant placed in Jutland with 44,000 m2 solar panels installed, supplemented by a 120,000 m3 seasonal thermal storage pit. Here, water heated from the summer sun, can be stored for use in winter months, and it now covers 61% of the district heating consumption in the nearby town. The solar thermal plant contributes to maintaining low district heating prices in the area competing with all forms of fossil fuels.

An untapped potential
Geothermal heat and wave power are other perpetual resources that hold an immense untapped potential to produce cost-effective electricity and heat. Denmark is home to three geothermal energy facilities that make use of hot water interior of the Earth. In 2014, less than half a percent of the production in Danish district heating was geothermal, but the future potential is estimated to be as high as 20-30% of district heating in Denmark.

Wave power has been an important focus area for coordinated research in Denmark since 1997 with a vision of integrating wave power into the energy system. Although the development of wave power is still in its early infancy, existing wave power stations in Denmark have demonstrated that it is possible to convert 80% of the absorbed energy for electricity to the grid, making Danish wave power concepts some of the best in the world. Estimations suggest that the technology potentially could cover 5-10% of the Danish electricity consumption. Several renewable energy technologies already exist and many more are under development in Denmark, where manufacturers and subcontractors operate in a unique R&D community together with universities. An example is the Danish Wave Energy Centre (DanWEC) that operates two test sites in the northwestern part of Denmark. 

Solar and other renewables for all
Denmark has made substantial investments in research, development and demonstration in the energy sector. As a result, Denmark has an international position of strength in energy technology research and offers a range of proven state-of-the-art solutions:

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For further information on Solar and Other Renewables, please contact Anette Kørschen Brænder, Senior Project Manager, / +45 4010 6518. 

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