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Smart Homes

The homes of the future are intelligent, energy-efficient and energy producing buildings.

Vast saving potentials in home automation and smart metering
A building with intelligent sensors and metering has the potential to save up to 60% of electricity use through lighting control, presence detection and intelligent shading. Another 25% can be found in heating and 45% savings  from energy  cooling such as individual room control, presence detection and sun shading.

The benefits of a Smart home
A smart home can use and produce resources intelligently. Incorporating sensors for lighting, climate control, smart metering and energy management enables a communication system to control production and consumption of resources. Incorporating intelligent buildings into the energy system – grid-connected energy-producing buildings – saves energy costs and reduces CO2 emissions.

Think smart by thinking Denmark   
Future developments will continue to optimize intelligent interaction between the many different electrical components and installations in a building, enabling the system and costumer to react to fluctuations in price, supply etc.. Denmark has already installed remotely-read electricity meters for 75% of total electricity consumption, primarily in industries, and in 2014 the meters will be rolled out to households as well.   


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