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Smart Grids

Smart grids are the answer to ensure a safe, reliable and economic supply of electrical power in the future.

Intelligent electricity delivery system
To ensure that the transition to a greener economy is a good investment, renewable energy resources must be intelligently integrated into the system. This requires a flexible electricity system, strong interconnectors and market coupling throughout the region. Essentially, a smart grid is an intelligent electricity delivery system where energy suppliers and consumers are interconnected through a network of smart metering and communication systems.  

Smart grid is a necessary and cost-effective solution 
A smart grid is an electricity network that uses advanced technologies to monitor and manage the transportation of electricity in accordance with the varying electricity demands of end users. This evolving intelligent power distribution network makes it possible to:

  • Reduce power consumption during peak hours (Demand Side Management)
  • Facilitate grid connection of distributed power generation (with photovoltaic arrays, small wind turbines, micro hydro, or even combined heat and power generators in buildings)
  • Improve reliability against many different component failure scenarios

Developing the energy system of the future has already begun
Denmark has a long tradition for promotion of energy efficiency improvements. Energy must be used more efficiently and effectively, as well as more intelligently, so the increased share of renewables is used to the widest possible extent. In order to achieve this, flexible consumption and a smart power infrastructure must be developed to meet the challenge of fluctuating energy sources. 


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