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Denmark is home to more than 20% of all European smart grid test & demonstration projects.

The worlds largest full-scale intelligent power grid is constructed in Denmark
R&D and innovation in intelligent energy has in the past resulted in small-scale demonstration. This effort has now been taken one step further and Denmark is currently establishing a full scale intelligent power grid. In order to do so a number of techologies are involved, both on the supply side and the demand side.

Creating the road from fossil fuel dependent to Smart Energy
A fossil independent future requires a very different energy system from today's - one that is more distributed and more intelligent. Energy generation needs to be distributed and connected in smart grids. Whole cities will act as distributed power plants, channeling energy from individual, energy-producing buildings into common use. Your home, or building, would generate clean power and sell the surplus to the grid at peak prices, and buy any extra power you need when prices are low. Even your car could become an integrated part of this system.
Also on the demand side, changes are going to happen, as the energy system is shifting away form adjusting to demand. Instead demand will increasingly adjust to energy production, which is crucial when a high degree og weather dependent renewable energy sources are part of the energy system.

Sharing decades of experience
In Denmark there is a long tradition for cross sector cooperation between research institutes, grid companies, energy companies and the energy industry. Denmark has a strong leading position with regard to test and demonstration and is home to more than 20% of all European smart grid test and demonstration projects.


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