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Integrated Energy Systems

A strategic energy plan gives each municipality a long term planning tool to integrate renewable energy resources in a financially viable way.

Managing fluctuating renewable energy sources
Flexible and intelligent energy systems, which are able to incorporate an increasing amount of often fluctuating, renewable energy sources, must be developed to harvest the benefits of a green transition. Long- term strategic energy planning ensures that the mix of energy sources supplement each other, also between  municipalities, and are used efficiently when they are available.

Energy systems of tomorrow
Increased energy prices, due to taxation and resource scarcity, demand foresight and the will to change - both  nationally, company wise and on a household level. The energy systems of tomorrow must be planned today, and relevant expertise is sought after in a very complex and constantly changing field.

Long tradition in efficient integration of renewables
Denmark has one of the most diverse, yet integrated energy systems  in the world, where no single technology or resource has come to dominate. There is a long tradition for  early adoption of renewable energy sources mixed with long-term planning tools and state-of-the-art technologies, which ensure that resources are intelligently integrated into the existing grid.


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