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Planning & Systems for Thermal Energy

Thermal energy can be produced very efficiently if plans and systems are constructed well.

Energy planning made the difference for Denmark
Strategic energy planning was paramount for Denmark’s green energy developments. From  99% dependence on foreign imported oil in the early 1970ies to becoming  a net-exporter of energy by the mid 1990s, and now moving towards fossil independence by 2050.

Thermal energy planning in Denmark was implemented in the late 1970ies and focused on developing least cost zones for collective natural gas supply, district heating based on biomass and combined heat & power production as well as individual heat supply. It allowed for financing of a huge collective energy infrastructure into the distribution grid for natural gas and district heating, which now covers more than 80% of the heat demand in Denmark. This resulted in energy efficiency, cost savings and flexibility of fuels and it has paved the way for Denmark’s future energy system.

Effective thermal energy systems are increasing the benefits of good planning
Energy systems can take many forms, e.g. technical, financial, organisational and political. Each of these systems can add value to specific situations and contribute to an efficient and cost-effective use of thermal energy. In Denmark we have a lot of players with core competences in various aspects of planning and systems for thermal energy. You can find more information, by browsing the information below.


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