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Other Heating & Cooling related Products & Services

Heating and cooling can be supplied in many different ways, using a large variety of technologies and services.

Local conditions determines the right solution
Great demand for heating and cooling solutions exists globally, but the most cost-effective way of meeting this demand varies greatly from place to place. Influencing factors include the population density in a given area or the energy demands of a given industry. The right solutions to match the demands vary with density of population and available sources of energy.

Sustainable solutions exists
A variety of sustainable collective and individual thermal energy solutions are applied by Danish companies all over the world. These solutions can be very different, ranging from specific technical components or systems to financial products, ownership structures, planning and consultancy, just to name a few.

Tap into Danish know-how across the sector value chain
Denmark applies a broad range of technologies to meet the country’s heating and cooling needs. With a long tradition of political attention on creating incentives for choosing the most efficient technologies, heating and cooling is an area of great focus. This has resulted a diverse industry ranging from R&D and innovation to production and consulting.


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