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Combined Heat & Power Production

Cogeneration of heat and power reduces CO2 emissions while saving money

The most efficient power plants in the world
Combined Heat and Power production (CHP) allows Danish power plants to have efficiency rates of more than 90%. This fuel efficiency has been a major contributing factor to the decreasing CO2 emissions in Denmark.

Cogeneration and district heating go hand in hand
Excess heat from the CHP plants is distributed through the district heating system, which supplies more than 60 % of all heat consumed by Danish households. Not only is district heating system an efficient way to use excess heat, it is also perfect for storing heat that would otherwise be wasted from electricity or industrial production.

Leading technology providers
The widespread implementation and use of CHP in Denmark has generated an extensive acquisition of know-how and it not surprising that Denmark is one of the leading countries in export of equipment for CHP and district heating.

Did you know?

  • Denmark has more than 100 years of experience with cogeneration of heat and electricity
  • CHP-efficiency has lowered Denmark’s Gross Energy Demand by 11 %



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