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The fluctuation of renewables makes energy storage one of the corner stones in the future energy mix.

Rethinking synergies in the energy system
Converting the energy system from fossil fuels to renewables demands new storage solutions for electricity.  In order to increase the percentage of renewables in the electricity grid, smart storage has to be utilised. Currently it is difficult to store energy from e.g. wind power or solar energy without a significant loss. Much research and development focuses on integrating new energy sources intelligently and use chemical energy storage, batteries or thermal energy storage.

Storage of electricity – with minor losses
The foundation for storage is a coherent energy system with a strong infrastructure between gas, electricity, heat and transport.  A variety of storage opportunities are needed, for instance to convert power to gas (P2G) or electrification of transportation using EV’s and Plug in Hybrids.

In Denmark all resources must be Smart already by 2020
Denmark is progressing towards a smart energy system.  Current focus is on wind energy with solar power to follow. Fluctuating electricity production in the district heating system can be utilised via heat pumps and electric cartridges and in the gas system, wind energy can be stored seasonally  through production of hydrogen, which can be used directly in the gas grid or to upgrade biogas to natural gas quality. 


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