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Waste Policy & Planning

Moving from waste management to resource management.

More recycling – Less incineration
9 billion people will share the planet by 2050, using up limited resources, unless we use them again. There are many benefits for both the environment and the economy if waste is perceived as a resource instead of a menace. By recycling more and incinerating less, waste becomes a valuable resource that eases the pressure on global natural resources.

Avoid letting valuable resources go up in smoke
In many countries, far too many valuable materials end up in waste incineration plants or landfills instead of being reused. There are many technological, knowledge-based and political solutions to increase recycling of waste, including waste separation technologies, transfer of surplus materials between enterprises, policy frameworks and recycling targets.

A change in course for the Danish Waste Policy
The Danish government has decided to change the course of action for waste management through an ambitious waste management policy, which focuses on more waste recycling, and improving the quality of the recycled material.

Highlighted targets include 50% more recycling of waste by 2020, increased waste separation and removal of hazardous substances from material sent for recycling. 

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