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Low-Energy Buildings

Buildings are one of society’s greatest energy consumers. Retrofitting existing buildings, introducing intelligent components and energy management as well as careful planning of new building construction are all ways to capture the vast energy savings potential.

Simple measures – massive savings
Energy used in buildings typically represents about 40 % of all energy used in society.  Existing technologies such as proper insulation and windows with low heat loss   substantially reduces energy.  Furthermore, undertaking energy renovation when buildings in any case are in need of repair makes it even more financially beneficial. Simple measures carry massive savings.

Intelligent buildings
Intelligent energy-efficient buildings are expected to be an important part of future energy systems. There are practically no limits to the number of functions that can be incorporated. Measurement, analysis and control are important prerequisites for effective energy management. Integrating energy-consuming components with energy-producing ones and incorporating intelligent buildings into the energy system saves energy costs and reduces CO2-emissions

A holistic approach
An innovative building materials industry coupled with strict building codes and energy labeling have made Denmark a world leader in energy-efficient building. Optimal energy efficiency is achieved by combining a tight building envelope with energy-efficient technical installations. Several Danish companies are world-leaders in areas of insulation, windows, glazing, pumps, meters, control electronics and other energy saving technologies for buildings.



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