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Intelligent Lighting

Lighting alone accounts for approximately 20% of global electricity consumption. Replacing old lighting with energy-efficient lighting solutions in households, public and private sectors will not only lower CO2 emissions but also save energy and money.

Monitoring and control of light use
Applying energy efficiency to lighting requires either reducing electricity consumed by the light source and light fixtures or shortening the time that lights are switched on. In both cases, many energy-efficient products and solutions are available today and ready to be implemented immediately.

Technologically improved light sources
Reducing the length of time that lights are switched on can be obtained via measurement and analysis followed up by planning, monitoring and controlling. Reducing electricity consumed by the light source and light fixtures involves replacing bulbs or fixtures with technologically improved ones, which provide the same or greater amounts of light – but with a reduced electricity usage. 

Denmark as R&D hub for intelligent lighting solutions
During recent years, Denmark seen an increased focus on research and development projects within intelligent lighting, enabling Danish companies to develop, test and demonstrate innovative solutions at the forefront of lighting technology. 


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