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Rainwater Management

As the climate changes and rainfall increases, so does the need for intelligent rainwater management solutions.


Increased rainwater challenges the sewer system

Increasing precipitation caused by climate change is putting greater pressure on sewer systems. However, rather than replace existing pipes with larger ones, it is often better to focus on more intelligent rainwater management by detaining it in existing structures or distributing it to areas where it creates the least damage. 

Retention, drainage and treatment of rainwater

Solutions that manage increasing volumes of rain span from hydraulic models for the planning phase to solutions for local retention of rainwater such as subsurface infiltration beds, green roofs and permeable paving, to drainage solutions such as separate sewers for rainwater and sewage water as well as local rainwater treatment via roadside infiltration beds and sand traps etc.

Local drainage water solutions

More and more Danish cities and water utilities are looking into managing rainwater as close to the source as possible and diverting it away from the sewer systems and wastewater treatment plants, thereby bringing down the risk of combined sewer overflows.


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