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Integrated Planning for Climate Adaptation

An integrated approach to climate adaptation addresses both the technical challenge in question and social sustainability in the urban landscape.

A two-fold challenge of urbanization and climate change

Cities around the world face increasing pressures from both growing populations and a changing climate. In addition to dealing with the effects of urbanisation and increased population density, they also need to develop solutions that enable them to withstand the threats of rising sea levels and extreme weather events.

An integrated approach ensures cost efficiency

Climate adaptation also presents an opportunity to gain greater value from urban development investments. For instance, rather than expanding the underground sewage system, stormwater drainage capacity can be increased by integrating canals, lakes etc., which also serve as recreational areas, help cool the city and increase biodiversity.

Synergies from holistic planning and prioritisation

Danish cities are increasingly adopting an integrated approach to solve the challenges of climate change and urbanisation. Through public-private cooperation and long-term, holistic planning they have managed to achieve cost-efficiencies, greater public support and ultimately healthier and more livable cities.


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