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Flood Management

Management of flooding calls for a system of effective and intelligent solutions that help mitigate the effects of extreme water conditions.

Flooding is inevitable

Rising water levels and extreme weather conditions make flooding an inevitable consequence of climate change. The question of how to cope with these events and minimise the inherent environmental and social damages is on the political agenda across the world.

Means for mitigation

Although it may be impossible to avoid floods entirely, Danish companies have developed highly effective solutions for preparing for and mitigating the effects of flooding. Danish expertise comprises systems for modelling, risk mapping, monitoring and early warning, as well as for retention, drainage, pumping and even cleaning of flood water.  

Intelligent drainage

Denmark has a strong focus on developing intelligent links between early warning systems and management of flood water. This includes combining flow measurements with automated drainage systems, pump stations and lock systems to prevent flooding in vulnerable areas, e.g. by leading urban flood water into ponds and reservoirs, rather than directly to the sewers.


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