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Emergency Preparedness

Our changing climate has caused an increase in extreme weather conditions, which must be mitigated.

Mitigate by planning ahead

The impact of extreme weather events can be mitigated by planning ahead and forecasting. However, no matter how much you plan, it is also necessary to have an effective emergency response for extreme weather events such as cloudbursts, storm surges and elevated water levels.

Several ways to respond

Technologies which can be useful before, during and after extreme weather events include assets map, early warning, monitoring and control systems as well as hinged manhole covers, mobile dams, permanent barriers in buildings and pumps and wet vacuums to divert the water away.

Planning ahead and preparing for the worst

Over the past years, Denmark has experienced several extreme weather events. The lessons learned from these events have led Danish companies, municipalities and other stakeholders to build up expertise in responding to such events.


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