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Coastal Protection

Protecting shorelines and coastal areas against rising sea levels and storms is paramount in a time of a changing climate.

The oceans are rising

Rising sea levels and more frequent storms and storm surges increase the threat of erosion and flooding of coastlines. The UN climate panel (IPCC) predicts a global water level increase of 0.3- 1.0 meters by 2100. As sea-level rises and weather patterns change, so does the need for management and protection of shorelines and coastal areas. 

Protective solutions

Denmark has developed expertise in modelling, forecasting and environmental engineering, providing a strong basis for protecting its coastal areas in the future. This includes both solutions against erosion, such as shore nourishment, breakwaters, cliff and slope defences, groynes and sand dunes, and solutions against rising sea levels, such as dikes, mobile and permanent quay walls.

Geography made Denmark a specialist

Being a flat country, almost completely surrounded by the sea, Denmark holds a strong tradition for public-private collaboration on management and protection of its 7,300 km of coastline. Danish expertise includes risk assessment of sea and inlet flooding due to expected water level rises caused by climate change.


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