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Climate Resilient Buildings

As the powerful storms continue to increase, so does the need for weatherproofing of buildings.

Climate-proofing buildings saves lives

In many regions of the world, the future will bring more powerful storms, more frequent periods of snow or heavy rainfall and longer heat waves. Preparing buildings to become more resilient to extreme weather events is essential to avoid costly damages to homes, office buildings and production facilities as well as saving lives.

Robust materials and proper design parameters

Weatherproofing a building should include a combination of robust building materials and proper design parameters to define e.g. the maximum level of snow load and wind speed the building should be able to withstand as well as measures to secure proper thermal insulation and rainwater drainage

Long tradition of building sustainably

Denmark holds a strong tradition of architecture and design that takes the surrounding environment into account. Legislatively, lessons learned from previous extreme weather events have been used to upgrade the national building code to promote measures that ensure more climate resilient buildings.


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