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Agriculture and Food Security

Global warming leads to extreme weather conditions, which have a major negative impact on agriculture and food industries.


The world’s food supply is at stake

Rising temperatures, floods, droughts and other extreme weather events caused by climate change affect the stability of the world’s food supply. Developing countries – especially in tropical or subtropical regions – are often more susceptible to the negative effects of global warming resulting in reduced crop yields.

Climate adaptation technologies

Rising temperatures and changing weather patterns inevitably affect agriculture, fisheries, aquaculture and forestry industries. Water efficiency and improved soil quality as well as innovative agricultural technologies to make crops more resilient against pests and diseases, are some of the main focus areas to ensure food security.

Danish expertise in agriculture and aquaculture

The Danish agriculture sector may benefit from a warmer climate and a longer growing season but it also faces growing risks of altered disease and insect patterns. A lot of research is therefore being conducted to develop innovative methods for plant protection. Another area of Danish expertise is resource efficient aquaculture, including modern land-based recirculation systems.


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