Geothermal Energy

Making use of hot water from the interior of the eart to create renewable energy

Geothermal energy is a renewable energy source with vast potential as it makes use of hot water from the interior of the earth. The technology has a high initial investment cost, but it carries the benefits of low CO₂ emissions, low running costs, local production and high security of supply. In Denmark, low-temperature geothermal heat is used in district heating as one of many energy sources and Denmark is home to three geothermal energy facilities. In 2015, less than 0.5 percent of production in Danish district heating was geothermal; however, the potential is estimated to be as high as 20-30 per cent of district heating in Denmark.

We invite you to explore geothermal energy related solutions in more depth below, find potential partners, catch up on the latest geothermal energy news and discover real-life case examples of how geothermal technology can serve as a new energy source and help solve your energy issues.

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