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Agricultural Biomass

The agricultural sector is a supplier of biomass from crops used for the production of energy and environmentally friendly products. It is essential that it is involved in innovative projects and in the development of new technologies.

Agriculture is the cornerstone of a bio-based society
Agriculture is key to achieve the vision of a bio-based society where fossil fuels are replaced by agricultural biomass sources. Together with the agro-industry, agricultural biomass  will play important roles, both as suppliers of raw materials to meet a broad range of societal needs, and to ensure the re-circulation of nutrients and the protection of nature.
Utilising agricultural biomass
Efficient utilisation of agricultural biomass such as straw and corn to create end-products such as electricity, heating, biofuels requires a strong infrastructure for logistic handling as well as access to sufficient agricultural resources. Furthermore, agricultural refining technologies, both within R&D and market-ready solutions, must be continuously developed to ensure efficient production.
Danish agricultural biomass competences
In terms of agricultural biomass utilisation, Denmark holds leading competences in plant breeding and a world-class infrastructure for distribution of straw due to our many CHP plants. Furthermore, Denmark has the world’s highest utilisation of residual products from agriculture.  


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