Ensuring great-tasting and safe tap water 24 hours a day

The global trends of urbanisation, population growth and increased welfare challenge cities all over the world. This white paper shares methods of how water utilities can improve water quality, increase resource efficiency and ensure uninterrupted service to customers.

Increasing demand for water

The global trends of urbanisation, population growth and increased welfare challenge cities all over the world with an increasing demand for water. Society’s drive to protect its fresh water resources will be crucial, and water utilities must find ways to ensure reliable water supply services as well as to meet a general need for increased resource efficiency.

This requires politicians, water authorities and water utilities to develop new water supply strategies and implement new solutions.

Danish expertise

To meet emerging needs for increased resource efficiency and customer demands for uninterrupted service around the clock, water utilities can benefit from improving the quality of the water supplied to their customers. If citizens and industry prioritise water of high quality over low water rates, water utilities will be able to afford the new investments required. Water utilities in Denmark are clear proof of this.

This white paper shares some of the expertise of Danish-based utilities, research institutes, consulting companies and technology providers. Up until now, the focus of utilities has been to provide water of very high quality, protect groundwater resources and to supply safe drinking water all around the clock. In the coming years, Danish utilities will also undergo an increasing professionalisation in order to establish professional knowledge environments and introduce advanced management systems, including safety and energy management.

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