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Solution: From waste to insulation
From waste to insulation

From waste to insulation

From recycling  to insulation
ROCKWOOL insulation is among the few industrial products in the world that saves vast amounts of energy throughout the entire product life cycle, thus also reducing greenhouse gas emissions, acid rain and smog. 

World’s first return system for mineral wool
The ROCKWOOL Group has developed the first return system for mineral wool, which is expected to save the purchase of 10,000 tonnes of raw materials used for producing new mineral wool. It also saves costs for melting and transport. 

Four times more recycling than waste
The ROCKWOOL Group recycles four times more residue materials from other industries than it deposits, making it both economically and environmentally responsible.

Turning waste into a resource
The ROCKWOOL Group transforms material traditionally regarded as waste into a valuable resource, substituting much of the company’s virgin raw material. On average, 26% of the melt raw materials are recycled matter. The Danish factory in Doense utilises approx. 75% of recycled melt raw materials.

The ROCKWOOL Group utilises and "up-cycles" more than 500,000 tonnes of residue material from other industries. 

ROCKWOOL International
Att: Susanne Dyrbøl
Hovedgaden 584
2640 Hedehusene
Phone: +4524289345

This solution is located in Denmark


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