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Falck Safety Services

Falck Safety Services – Safety courses
Falck Safety Services Denmark has spent the last 40 years developing the competencies in demand both nationally and internationally in the oil and gas, maritime and wind energy industries.

Falck Safety Services Denmark is a fully owned subsidiary of Falck Denmark. For over 100 years it has been Falck's mission to help prevent accidents, illness and emergency situations. It has also been our goal to provide assistance to people in emergency situations, as well as to rehabilitate those who have suffered illness and injury.

Falck Safety Services Denmark provides competencies in how to prevent, manage, and learn from critical situations and events. We do so through training and consulting. Our expert staff includes instructors from ambulance, police and fire departments, as well as consultants with the relevant professional experience needed to assemble the right set of competencies.

Our clients describe our staff members as:

  • Confidence-inspiring professionals with a high level of expertise in safety and emergency preparedness
  • Good in communicating their expert insight to create bette understanding
  • Competent in teaching new routines and significantly changing an organisation's conduct

Where do we offer training? Falck Safety Services has a professional training centre located in Esbjerg, Denmark and in several other locations worldwide, including Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK, Malaysia and Brazil. Falck Safety Services has more than 1,500 employees, and we can thus develop and provide competent and uniform training that is geared towards international clients and industry organisations.

Falck Safety Services Denmark strives to support the continuing development of competencies and focus on preventive and active health, safety and environment (HSE) measures.

Falck Safety Services
Att: Helle Meiling Anders
Uglviggårdsvej 3
6705 Esbjerg
Phone: 76121314


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