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Profile: Danish Energy Management & Esbensen

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen (DEM-ESB) is a part of Danish Management Group Ltd. DEM-ESB consultants have a proven track record of developing energy projects worldwide for more than 20 years, mostly within the field of energy policy and regulation, renewable energy, energy efficiency and demand side management. 

DEM-ESB specialises in the planning field as well as in the provision of advisory services and TA concerning sustainable energy, renewable energy and energy efficiency strategies.

Areas of expertise:

  • Overall planning and energy economy
  • Energy Efficiency projects - ESCO concepts - One stop shops
  • Energy Performance Contract; financing of Energy Efficiency projects
  • RE market assessment and feasibility studies for RE technologies
  • Development of management training programmes and capacity building
  • Policy advice
  • Energy legislation and energy regulation
  • Project appraisals, economic and financial evaluation and analysis of energy systems and projects including pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Economic and financial management of investment projects
  • Design, procurement, contracting, negotiation and implementation of projects
  • Strategic advice on attracting private investments, arrangement of financial packages including corporate financing
  • Monitoring of EE and RE targets
Danish Energy Management & Esbensen
Att: Jørn Lykou
Vestre Kongevej 4A
8260 Viby
Phone: +45 22620850


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