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Profile: The Capital Region of Denmark

The Capital Region of Denmark

Climate – green, safe and healthy
The Capital Region of Denmark is working to ensure sustainable growth and development – and thus a good, healthy life for the region’s residents. Together with the municipalities, the business community and various organisations the capital region is aiming to become more energy efficient, cli­mate prepared and attractive – green, safe and healthy.

The Capital Region of Denmark and the City of Copen­hagen Municipal Contact Council have drawn up a joint climate strategy that addresses the wide-ranging climate challenges. The vision is to ensure that the capital region is the most climate prepared and energy efficient region in Denmark.

Focus areas
Some of the initiatives taken for a greener region are within: 

  • Environmental Friendly Hospitals and Institutions
  • Mineral and raw material resources
  • Climate Strategy for the capital region
  • Soil contamination

The Capital Region of Denmark provides healthcare and mental healthcare for 1.7 million people or approx. 30% of the population of Denmark.
In addition the capital region is also doing research, regional development and growth
in areas such as business, education, transport and climate.

The Capital Region of Denmark
Att: Nete Pilemand
Kongens Vænge 2
3400 Hillerød
Phone: 38 66 55 02


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