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Solution: Hawaii Floating Offshore Wind
Hawaii Floating Offshore Wind

Hawaii Floating Offshore Wind

The State of Hawaii, USA has decided to become 100% renewable for all electricity consumption by 2045.

Alpha Wind Energy is through its subsidiary, AW Hawaii Wind, developing 2 ea 400MW floating offshore wind energy projects near Oahu, Hawaii.

AW Hawaii Wind has submitted 2 unsolicited applications for the projects. The applications have been deemed complete by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management ( We are now awaiting BOEM to determine if there is any competitive interest in the areas of our projects.

The project includes 50 floating turbines per project placed 15 miles or further from the coast. Sea depths are here greater than 600 meters. 

The project faces multiple challenges and it is the most complicated and interesting wind energy project ever proposed till this date. However, with the pricebase and with the political will in Hawaii to convert to 100% renewable energy, Alpha Wind Energy has the innovative development skills necessary to bring a project like this to flotation

The concept is described in the video below:

Alpha Wind Energy
Att: Jens Børsting Petersen
Hedemøllevej 35
8850 Bjerringbro
Phone: +4521297098

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