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Let us help you with your story about Denmark's green transition and solutions

Planning a press visit to Denmark?

Danish policy and sustainable and renewable technological solutions have for decades been inspirational for other countries. Media coverage of these first mover initiatives is an important part in showcasing that the transition to a green economy is possible. State of Green offers international media a chance to visit Denmark to experience solutions and meet Danish professionals from the private sector, organisations or the public sector to set the Danish example into a broader context.

How can we help?

Through our “State of Green Tours” service, we can assist reporters or media crews with planning a tailor-made programme to visit facilities where solutions are implemented and to meet professionals from business, organisations and the public sector.

Since 2008 we have helped more than a thousand journalists from all over the world. We have set up meetings, site visits or connected to experts and executive management all around the country to help reporters get exactly that story they want to share with their readers, listeners or viewers. State of Green is connected to the key stakeholders within energy, climate adaptation, environment, city solutions and circular economy in Denmark which can be helpful for you to get the best possible story.

Our services are free of charge, however, we expect visiting media to handle all costs related to the visit.

What can you visit?

Sustainable and renewable solutions are implemented across Denmark and with the help of State of Green it is possible to visit many of them. 600 Danish companies, utilities and organisations have uploaded their implemented solutions on our website which can serve as an inspiration for visitors. We can also help connect you to politicians or public servants from ministries, agencies and municipalities.

Need help planning your tour?

If you are interested in a press tour to Denmark, please contact us by submitting a visit request. If you already know which companies, organisations or solutions you wish to visit, please add them to your request. Following your selection, simply submit the visit request and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

Contact us regarding a media visit

If you have further questions, please contact Head of Press Relations Anette Kørschen Brænder: / tel. +45 4010 6518.