Onshore windfarm developed by the Danish company WindSpace erects the first 5.3 MW GE Cypress wind turbines in Scandinavia

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Google’s datacentres are set to receive renewable energy from the largest onshore wind farm in Scandinavia. The amount of energy the windfarm is able to produce is equivalent to keep 175.000 households running. The first 33 General Electric (GE) Cypress wind turbines with a height of 220 metres each have been erected at one of the world’s first commercial windfarms, Treblade-Björkvattnet in Sweden.

 Stenger & Ibsen Construction has successfully concluded the construction of the civil works in the windfarm and is currently handing over the project. The focus is now on erecting the remaining wind turbines which are provided by GE Renewable Energy. The logistics regarding delivering the wind turbines are proceeding as planned. The foremost important task at the moment is to finish installing the wind turbines making them ready for operating. The forecasted finishing date is situated at the end of 2020 and compared to the fact that the first wind turbine was erected on August 13, 2020 the project has been managed and conducted efficiently.

CEO at WindSpace says: “We have been immensely impressed with the risk and logistics management conducted by every supplier, constructor and advisor during the Covid-19 crisis. It has minimized delays regarding the installation timeline. Our partnerships with Natural Power as technical advisor along with Stenger & Ibsen and GE Renewable Energy is the result of our focus on choosing first class strategical partners with years of experience”.

Danish entrepreneurial forces

Since 2014, Danish WindSpace has been working together with the Swedish Company Vindparken Förvaltning AB and GE Renewable Energy in order to a wind farm without subsidies containing some of the world’s largest onshore wind turbines. The windfarm will play a central role in Sweden’s goal to become a fossil free nation in 2040. The project was commenced in 2014 and the team behind has been focused on succeeding in order to show a new financial scheme to further develop the renewable energy agenda. In order to sustain a subsidy free financial scheme for renewable energy development, Google and GE have agreed on a power purchase agreement ensuring a minimum price for the energy produced at the Treblade-Björkvattnet windfarm, which shows that there is a potential for an alternative financial structure independent of public subsidies in future renewable energy projects.

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