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WindowMaster is a CleanTech company that supplies sustainable indoor climate solutions based on natural ventilation.

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UN City in Copenhagen - The first United Nations building to receive the platinum LEED certification

The 560,000 sq ft (52,000 m2) building located in Copenhagen (Denmark) consists of two campuses that houses ten United Nations agencies which currently accommodates 1,200 employees representing more than 100 different nationalities.

The building is built with a large focus on sustainability and environmental friendliness, and the calculated energy consumption has been designed to use at least 55%, less than 4.5kbtu/sf/yr (50 kWh/m2 /year) less energy than expected from a similar-sized office building.

UN City in Copenhagen is the first United Nations building to receive the prestigious platinum LEED certification thanks to its environmentally-friendly design. Additionally, it has been awarded with the European Commission’s Green Building Award for New Buildings.

The WindowMaster solution
The building has a façade cladding of white perforated aluminum shutters, developed by 3XN and contractor Pihl specifically for the UN City. The shutters ensure solar shading without blocking the view or the daylight. Since the facade is divided into three meter long modules, it is possible for the employees to control the sunshade from their computers. The result is an improved indoor environment, and a dynamic façade expressing a building full of life.

The WindowMaster package for this project is to deliver 1500 special made 24V motors for torque control of the solar shading panels.

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