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The Danish Wind Industry Association (DWIA) serves the interests of the approx. 250 members and provides a lucrative framework in which the actors in the wind industry can realize the potential of knowledge sharing, cooperation and exchange experiences with stakeholders both inside and outside the industry.

DWIA also promotes the interests of our members on the political scene, both nationally and internationally, striving towards a legislative environment in which wind power plays an active role.

Through general assemblies, industry forum meetings, courses, seminars, workshops, panel debates, international conferences, marketing and newsletters DWIA provides members with valuable opportunities of networking, inspiration and collaboration between suppliers, subcontractors, buyers and politicians, in the common interest of promoting global wind power utilization.

As an example of the value created for the industry and the members, DWIA was one of the driving forces behind the successful the highly successful EWEA OFFSHORE 2015. With more than 8,000 delegates from around the world, the 2015 event was awarded ‘Congress of the year’ by Wonderful Copenhagen and the City of Copenhagen, highlighting the organizers’ unique ability to promote the wind industry in Denmark.

DWIA continuously works to organize export drives to global markets in order to attract companies to Denmark and to open doors to the global market for companies in the Danish supply chain.

Read more about your possibilities as a member of DWIA.

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