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By Maja Schrøder Kristensen, September 26, 2018

An American delegation on around 20 people are visiting Denmark to seek inspiration in the Danish wind industry. The delegation will be visiting WIND ENERGY DENMARK to get close to, and learn from, the companies of the Danish wind industry as well as getting an insight in what occupies the Danish wind industry now and in the future.

Wind energy is not new to Americans, but with plans for almost 6,000 MW offshore wind in the coming years, American decisionmakers and businesses are keen on learning more about offshore wind. For this reason, an American delegation consisting of 20 people is visiting Denmark to seek inspiration in the Danish wind industry. Amongst other visits, the delegation will, be visiting WIND ENERGY DENMARK to get close to the companies in the Danish wind industry and to gain insights in what occupies the Danish wind industry both now and in the future.

It is the organization ’New Hampshire Clean Tech Council’, an American nonprofit organization representing green tech – and energy companies in the state of New Hampshire, that will be visiting Denmark at the end of October. The delegation consists of politicians and business people associated with New Hampshire, and with the delegation is also the senator, Cynthia Jeanne Shaheen (Dem.), who is a part of the American senates Small Business Committee.

State of Green, who is welcoming the delegation, has furthermore scheduled a visit to the offshore wind farm at Middelgrunden and the Danish Energy Agency, to ensure that the delegation will gain insights in some of the aspects that have made Denmark a wind energy cluster. The purpose of the Danish visit is, according to project manager in State of Green, Martha Marriner, to learn from the Danish wind sector. Especially the development of Denmark as a “manufacturing hub” along with the cooperation across the Danish value chain is of interest to the delegation.

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In July 2018 MAKE Consult presented a report estimating that USA will increase its offshore wind capacity with up to 5.8 GW. This expansion is, however, preconditioned on the right development of the North American wind industry.

It is knowledge hereof that the American delegation wishes to obtain by their Danish visit where WIND ENERGY DENMARK is an ideal setting to get in contact with the key people of the Danish wind sector as well as gaining insights in the newest research and development initiatives. WIND ENERGY DENMARK is taking place on 30th-31st of October. The American delegation will be visiting the conference Wednesday the 31st.

The unconfirmed list of participants in the delegation is as follows: 

  • S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen – Senior Senator for New Hampshire ()
  • Commissioner Tayler Caswell, Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Business and Economic Affairs (BEA) – Plus Staff
  • George Bald, Former Commissioner of BEA, Former Board Chairman of Pease Development Authority, and current NHCTC Advisory Committee Member
  • Jack Kenworthy, Wind Developer, Walden Energy, NHCTC Member
  • Michael Behrmann, Director, New Hampshire Clean Tech Council – Plus Staff

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