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By Maja Schrøder Kristensen, August 01, 2017

Participants attending WIND ENERGY DENMARK 2017 on 2-3 October in Herning will not be met with a ‘normal’ exhibition stand at Danfoss. Rather, they will be met with a clear vision for the future.

Danfoss has chosen to use their exhibition stand to highlight some of the fundamental questions for the future: What will the world look like in 100 years and what challenges will we be facing in 2117?

The answer to that is a conceptualization of the company’s vision “Engineering Tomorrow”, says Leif Fløjsggard, Regional President at Danfoss:

“We find it interesting to look into the future and imagine how life will be for the generations to come. Today, we design engineering solutions that have a profound effect on the world of tomorrow and next week – and the world of 2117. It’s crucial in this aspect, that we develop solutions that support humans as well as the planet – and on the whole, create a better future” Leif Fløjgaard explains.

When visiting Danfoss’ exhibition area in Hall F, you can get an up-close view of the company’s engineering solutions within four vital areas: Energy, climate, food and infrastructure. The concept exhibition makes up a timeline that presents the most probable future scenarios for the coming 100 years. Through interactive workshops, visitors are encouraged to share their thoughts on innovative solutions that will help human kind to safely progress into year 2117.

Engineering the future of wind energy
As a global supplier of temperature and pressure sensors, and power stacks for wind turbines, Danfoss is focused on delivering components that support a smarter and better application of the data from wind turbines to prevent the dreaded and expensive down-time due to technical failure.

“We see that our customers have an increased focus on limiting down-time and upscaling on preventive maintenance. The increased application of big data and fruitful harvest of real-time data from wind turbines is something that has become an important competitive parameter – and will be so even more in the future, and what we do at Danfoss is help making that application possible” explains Per Sønderriis, who is Director, Market Segment Support at Danfoss.

 “Doing so, we also have a keen eye on helping our customers optimize their business and through close dialogue co-create innovative solutions that heightens the quality of our customer’s product while at the same time reduce their costs. We are acutely aware that one of the main focuses for the wind industry is to reduce the cost of energy to raise the competitiveness of wind. We believe that our role as a supplier is to support this scope through clever, innovative, and visionary engineering solutions”, Sønderriis says.

Promoting further standardization
An area that holds great potential for further cost reductions is standardization, and as Sønderriis points out, this is an agenda that Danfoss already is pushing further.

“We already see that our customers are starting to standardize on components and processes, and we are following that path. If we can reduce complexity for our customers, we will also reduce their costs, so we also see a great potential for having common standards and thereby achieving economies of scale in production. We believe that the wind industry is now mature enough, the market players are big enough, and the potential is big enough to start implementing efficiency measure across the value chain”, Sønderriis ends.

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