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By Wind Denmark, November 15, 2019

More than 430 companies are exhibiting at this year’s WindEurope Offshore 2019 congress. Almost one in four is Danish, which is a new record. A total of 99 Danish companies are exhibiting, where 71 of the companies are placed on the Pavillion of Denmark, while the remaining 28 companies are placed separately in the exhibit.

From the 26th – 28th November 2019 the world’s largest and leading offshore wind congress is held in Bella Center, Copenhagen, and is hosted by WindEurope in close cooperation with Wind Denmark.

The large attendance by Danish companies accentuates that the Danish wind sector is leading within offshore wind, as the companies in the Danish wind sector have world-class competencies, products and services. Thus, the exhibit is a unique opportunity for the Danish companies to show the expected 9,000 attendees, how strong Denmark is within the development of the green transition with offshore wind.

“An exceptional number of Danish companies are attending this year, which characterizes how much and how fast the offshore industry is growing these years. The Danish companies have a unique platform to highlight that the players in the Danish wind sector are some of the most relevant within the global offshore market,” says Søren Rasmussen, Managing Director at Danish Wind Export Association, which is behind the Pavilion of Denmark.

The big support by Danish exhibitors is also a good steppingstone for when WindEurope returns with WindEurope Summit 2021.

Offshore wind is vital in making EU CO2-neutral

The EU-Commission has a vision that EU should be CO2-neutral by 2050, however, if this goal is to be reached, it is expected that offshore wind will have to expand immensely. Offshore wind is among one of the preconditions for Europe’s ambition of being CO2-neutral can become a reality. Currently, the capacity of offshore wind in the European waters is 18.5 GW, which is 2 pct. of Europe’s electricity consumption, however, this is expected to rise to 450 GW in 2050.

“The expansion of offshore wind must be intensified substantially, which Danish companies are particularly prepared for. The Danish companies are strong within innovative solutions and technologies for how the offshore industry can be executed in a larger extent,” states Anders Mika Dalegaard, Head of International Business Development and Events in Wind Denmark.

The conference is taking place over three days, where ministers, CEO’s as well as other decision makers, will discuss how Europe will reach the goal for 450 GW and thus secure the vision of being CO2-neutral in 2050.

The conference will be opened by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen and several other VIP’s.

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