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Weiss has specialised in delivering customised systems for burning a wide range of biomass. Its core expertise lies in the burning of straw, waste (both industrial and household waste), wood chips, bark, wood shavings, wood pellets, briquettes, grain waste and the like. Weiss also has delivered systems for more exotic fuels, such as burning the mash from whisky production and residual products from coffee roasting. The unique combustion technology is geared to many different types of fuel. Each new fuel product is carefully tested which helps determine the technology to be used in each case. Our boilers are highly popular in Norway when it comes to burning RDF.

For district heating plants, reliable turnkey solutions are provided, that offer high operation dependability and a level of automation that is adapted to the specific requirements and conditions.

With numerous references in Scandinavia and Europe, Weiss is known as a solid business partner providing reliable CE-labelled boiler systems for biomass, with capacities from 1 to 20MW.

Areas of expertise:

  • Project sales in Denmark and abroad
  • Project management for realisation of projects
  • Servicing and inspection of the installations
  • Installation supervision in connection with commissioning


Observing the latest developments  in Germany concerning sludge being banned as a fertilizer in agriculture  from 1st of January (to protect environment and groundwater) – Weiss has developed a solution, that can burn sludge in conjunction with other fuel sources. Weiss expects that the German ban against using sludge as fertilizer will spread across Europe and combustion plants that can burn e.g. food and industrial waste as well as sludge will be in high demand.

We would like to introduce our customers to solutions that are able to burn different fuels in the same oven. This optimizes the processing of waste for e.g. municipalities.

The new oven from Weiss is developed upon traditional techniques, and this approach makes it possible to combine more solid fuel sources with sludge. Normally, sludge is burned in a fluid bed incinerator. We have developed the oven with a step grate that you would use for all other types of fuel and adjusted it to accommodate sludge as well. Municipalities can use the sludge for district heating or power. A company that produces sludge can also burn it to create process steam.

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