Air emission monitoring in Saudi Arabia

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Development and commissioning of a predictive emission monitoring system (WS.PEMS) for Saudi Aramco Abu Ali gas plant.

Weel & Sandvig develops and employs Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems (PEMS) – a cost effective alternative to traditional Automated Measuring Systems (AMS) / Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS). A PEMS system can be installed for compliance monitoring and can be certified and validated according to international standards (including US EPA performance standards).

PEMS are now the preferred methodology for monitoring emissions from oil and gas industries in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Further, PEMS is the de facto standard for Danish offshore operators.

Weel & Sandvig are one of the pioneers in the field of PEMS system and have been working with PEMS since 1996. Weel & Sandvig are currently active in the standardization groups for drafting a new European standard for the use of PEMS.

Weel & Sandvig have successfully installed and commissioned a PEMS system for monitoring emissions from Saudi Aramco Abu Ali gas plant. The system is installed for compliance monitoring of harmful emissions (NOx, CO, SO2, CO2) from three gas turbines.

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