Treatment of polluted runoff surface water with Dual Porosity Filtration (DPF) in Ørestad, Denmark


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In the Copenhagen suburb of Ørestad, polluted road water runoff is separated from household wastewater and cleaned by a new technology called Dual Porosity Filtration (DPF). Due to the high concentration of fine particles, dissolved heavy metals and phosphate npresent in the water, a water treatment solution is needed before the water can be discharged directly into nature. By simulating nature’s own cleaning process, the DPF system cleans and contributes with 110 litres of rainwater every second, directly to the nearby Nature Park Amager, which is a Natura 2000 recipient. The DPF technology is well documented and the sedimentation and absorption processes are used to clean the water, meaning there is no need for chemicals or power. In Ørestad, the system is 51×13.5 m, but due to its upcoming establishment underneath one of the area’s major roads, it will not be visible in the urban environment. The DPF is compact, scalable and can be placed anywhere.

Courtesy: WaterCare Filtration, University of Copenhagen
and HOFOR – Greater Copenhagen Water Utility

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