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Rethinking a classical sports landscape at Gladsaxe Sports Centre

Climate adaptation can be a catalyst for rethinking a classic sports landscape

With VAND PÅ SIDELINJEN (Water on the Sidelines), Gladsaxe Municipality and Nordvand (Water North) show how climate adaptation can be a catalyst for rethinking a classic sports landscape by creating new and more spontaneous activities that both invite the whole town and relieve the sewage systems downhill.

Gladsaxe Sports Centre is a 20-acre sports area with traditional playing fields and sports facilities located in the suburb Gladsaxe, north of Copenhagen. The sports centre is primarily intended for organized activities such as football, badminton, handball, and volleyball, but it can also attract citizens without a specific sports interest. This WATER PLUS project uses climate adaption as a stepping stone to build new outdoor facilities that attract more informal and spontaneous activities, thus transforming the huge sports centre into a sports park where everybody feels invited to come and join or watch the activities.

Technical solution and recreational value
Situated on top of a large regional water system that retains that water, Gladsaxe Sports Center will relieve all of the sewage systems downstream. By diverting and collecting the rain through a series of ponds and canals, the water becomes visible during periods of rainfall. The three main pools will flood during heavy rainfalls, but during drier periods with small amounts rain, the pools act as a paddle tennis field, a skate corridor, and a hangout spot for the towns citizens. The smaller ponds close to the sports centre café make room for new activities, such as closer interaction with water for the children and more informal activity areas for gymnastics, fitness, and play.

The addition of new facilities and activities has transformed Gladsaxe Sports Centre into a multifunctional sports centre with wide user appeal and a stronger connection to the surrounding residential areas.

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Holger Kortbek

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