WATER PLUS– Combining rainwater and urban development

WATER PLUS sets a new agenda for climate adaptation in urban areas by focusing on how we can create new public spaces that not only retain rainfall in the event of cloudbursts, but also act as active outdoor spaces for city residents.

The vast majority of the billions of Danish kroner to be invested in climate adaptation over the next few years will be used in urban areas. The investments offer great potential for developing urban spaces that can manage both rainwater and make room for active living, recreation, and nature. WATER PLUS shows that close, cross-organizational cooperation is essential in creating these kinds of urban spaces. It also shows that when such cooperation succeeds, there is money to be saved and new, exciting, and creative urban spaces to be made.

WATER PLUS is a partnership between the Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities and the private philanthropic organization Realdania, in collaboration with the Danish Ministry of the Environment. Together, they have awarded 12 million DKK to four projects that demonstrate how climate adaptation is more than just underground sewages and holds more potential when elevated to the surface.

The four projects, situated in Solrød, Gladsaxe, Viborg, and Frederiksberg, illustrate the variety of opportunities from combining rainwater management with recreation; not only in innovative technical and aesthetic solutions, but also within the cooperation between municipalities, utility companies, and a variety of actors. The WATER PLUS project was carried out between 2013-2015.

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